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Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine based on the philosophy of like treating like. The word comes from the Greek word for similar suffering. A substance that can produce symptoms in a healthy person can cure those symptoms in a sick person.

For example, a person suffering from  hay fever, might be given a remedy made from chopped onion, because a person chopping an onion usually experiences water eyes and irritation.

How does it work?

Homeopathic remedies work by stimulating the body's own healing power. Normally this power is very great but when the healing process is blocked or slow, the right dosage of the correct homeopathic remedy acts as a stimulus to the curative powers of the body.

Holistic medicine focuses on the whole person because spiritual, emotional and physical factors are seen as inter­connected. Symptoms are not seen as the cause of the disease, they merely show that DIS_EASE exists.

Homeopathy is a truly holistic medicine because it treats the individual and their disease..

First Consultation

If you have a chronic or frequently recurring complaint it is helpful to know as much as possible about your symptoms including anything that makes them better or worse. If you have noticed any other changes in yourself moods anxieties, sleep, dreams, appetite, thirst and temperature.

The aim of the consultation is to get an overview, not only of the complaint, but also of you as a person.

Follow-up Consultation

The aim of the follow-up is to assess the reaction to the previous remedy and decide how your treatment can best be continued.

The cost of the medicine is included in the consultation fee.

What will the treatment be like?

A homeopathic remedy, usually in the form of a tablet, which should be allowed to be dissolved in your mouth or you may be given a liquid remedy with instructions.

Nothing else should be put in the mouth for 15 minutes before or after taking the tablet.

Coffee, peppermint and preparations containing menthol eucalyptus and camphor as these can interfere with action of the homeopathic remedy.

If you are given a homeopathic remedy to take at a later date be sure to store them in a cool dark place, away from anything with a strong smell.

If you travel do not let the remedies go through x­-ray.

What happens once treatment start?

After taking your remedy you may notice some changes. Some people experience a period of exceptional well being and optimum.

Sometimes your symptoms can appear to get worse for a short time.  This is a good sign that the remedy is taking effect. Sometimes a cold, rash

or form of discharge may appear as a “spring cleaning” effect which means your system is going through a cleaning stage.

Similarly, old symptoms may reappear usually for a short time. These symptoms will pass and they are a very important part of the healing process.

How long does treatment take?

This depends very much on what sort of illness you have, as well as the other individual characteristics of your case

It is possible to say that a slowly developing Chronic complaint, or one that has been experienced for some years will not disappear immediately although there may be a response and some improvement quite soon. Acute complaints may get better more quickly.

Homeopathy cures from the inside out and often the outer symptoms such as a skin complaint are the last to clear. Be Patient In the long term it is much better for you to be cured of both the cause of the illness and its symptoms, rather than merely relieving or suppressing the symptoms.

Remember that every case is different and no two people are alike.