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I am passionate about Homeopathy. It is a discipline to which I have devoted the past 20 years, both studying and practicing.

Homeopathy is a vocation for me and I am committed to restoring my patients to health and educating people about the power of natural remedies.

If you would like to make an appointment please email orlabcork@gmail.com

Orla Broderick


Orla Broderick changed my life completely, breaking my dependency on antibiotics, freeing me of the nightmare of severe migraines, emotional distress, recurring throat and chest infections and stomach problems.  My 5 year old daughter has been raised solely on homeopathy, without ever needing antibiotics, Calpol or any medical intervention and she has had big illnesses such as impetigo, mumps, severe allergic reaction, whooping cough and respiratory problems. I'd recommend Orla to everyone, full heartedly and without reservation.  She is a gifted healer and a blessing to know. If you're looking for true healing, deep healing and wholeness Orla Broderick is the one for you!  She will give you back your power to know, listen to and heal your own body.

Deirdre Ryan, MsEd, mother of 1

My son came to homeopathy after 15 antibiotics every 6 weeks since 3 months of age for chronic ear infections that never resolved even after two sets of grommets. He also had chronic allergies and eczema. I knew that conventional medicine wasn't working and got a recommendation to see Orla for homeopathic treatment.

There has been a huge improvement in his health: his eczema is gone, his food allergies and ear infections are cured.

He has not had any antibiotics since starting homeopathy. He has gone from being a very sickly child to a very strong healthy child. I now use homeopathic medicine as my treatment of choice for my family.

Catriona Collins BSc MSc mother of 2